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Addere Valorem

Our expertise is in offering world class secure payment automation solutions. Public and private organizations as well as banks trust Avalo to keep their systems up to date.

Our portfolio of provides both off-the-shelf and consultatively co-created offerings. Visual illustration of our cybersafe portfolio can be found .


Simplicity in solution design


Comprehensive systems compatibility


Experts in Modern Payments

AvaloApps offer you total access with zero integration


Connects to any bank


Secures data cybersafely


Converts all payment formats


Custom-built solutions

These companies trust Avalo's services and software

About Avalo

Our company name is Avalosys. The Avalo brand is derived from Latin expression Addere Valorem, adding value, which is the leading principle behind the team’s ambition to drive simplicity, security and system compliancy among its clientele.

Located in an artistic theatre building the Avalo office environment spins creativity and innovation which is embedded not only in our solutions but in the very way we operate. Our goal is to grow global from these historic origins, become a trusted partner within our ecosystem and the best place to work for our employees.

From the beginning the business idea has attracted support and funding from the leading Finnish technology sponsors as well as the European Union.


Contact us

Do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff by e-mail or telephone Hämeenpuisto 28 D
33200 Tampere